In addition to being one of the most innovative and fastest growing logistics companies in the Nordics, our team here at Nordic Spedition also aspire to be leaders in developing sustainability.

Our short-term and long-term sustainability objectives are a clear sign that we are committed to creating a cleaner, more responsible and honest environment. An environment where every person has the opportunity to live a fulfilling life, save energy and other resources, and look after their precious health.


Of course, all our activities and processes are certified to ISO 14001 standards.


2030 Goals: Zero Emission and Global Sustainable Development

In 2015, the leaders of all 193 member states of the UN agreed to 17 sustainable development goals. Achieving these goals would end extreme poverty, inequality and anthropogenic climate change by 2030.


However, for the goals to be met and the change to happen, everyone needs to do their part: governments, private sector and the general public. As leaders in sustainability in the logistics sector, our team has focused on the areas where we can make the biggest change.

Good Health and Well-Being

  • - Our working environment is clean and safe.
  • - We offer free chiropractic sessions in our office every month.
  • - We encourage our employees to live an active lifestyle and we value their participation in social activities.

Gender Equality

  • - Gender equality is not only a basic human right but also an essential basis for a peaceful and flourishing working environment.
  • - We do not tolerate sexist language in the workplace.
  • - We value everyone’s efforts and commitment, regardless of their sex, age or cultural background.

Affordable and Clean Energy

  • - We are developing our transport solutions to be more affordable, reliable, sustainable and using modern energy.
  • - We reduce our overall energy consumption by using modern IT solutions.
  • - We use green energy in our offices and terminals.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

  • - Our goal is sustainable economic growth. However, growth should not come at the expense of society, environment or people.
  • - We only buy our services from companies that value green thinking and offer equal opportunities to their employees.
  • - We aspire to be the most attractive employer in the region with our open decision making and non-discrimination, equality and diversity programme.

Responsible Consumption and Production

  • - We are continuously working with our customers to develop shorter, faster and more climate-friendly transport solutions.
  • - We handle food products and dangerous goods in accordance with all safety requirements and regulations.
  • - We value the sustainability of our partners and inform them of our work and sustainability developments.

Climate Action

  • - We understand that climate change is a global problem that affects everyone everywhere.
  • - We educate our partners and employees about climate change and guide them to be more sustainable and conserve energy.
  • - We cooperate with universities to raise awareness of the importance of sustainable development.